Himeji Gardens. Himeji Japanese Gardens.

Himeji Gardens
In the Himeji Gardens.
The Adelaide Himeji Gardens contain features of profound religious significance to Japanese and have been created to enjoy the various features designed to reflect the beauty of nature.
The Garden blends two classic styles. the 'senzui' (lake and mountain garden) where the imagination endows the small pond with vastness and grandeur.
The second is the 'kare senzui' (dry garden) where rocks and sand evoke the presence of water, even the sea itself.
On April 19th. 1982, Adelaide and the ancient Japanese city of Himeji became sister cities. Himeji is 650km. west of Tokyo and 8,050 from Adelaide. With a population of around 500,000 it is a major port, centre of industry, and the headquarters of the Nissan Steel Company.
Guided tours of the garden are available by contacting the Park Lands ranger on Ph: 08 8293 7483 between noon and 2pm. weekdays
The gardens are located on South Terrace and are open to the public from 8am to 1 hour before sunset daily.

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