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  Zumsteins Picnic Area
Zumsteins Picnic Area
Kangaroos at Zumstiens
In 1910, beekeeper and nature lover, Walter Zumstein came to The Grampians and was smitten with its beauty and grandeur. He settled on the banks of the MacKenzie River and soon cultivated a menagerie of native birds and animals, with which he shared the environment. Here he found nectar for his bees and the companionship of the wild creatures he loved.
The confidence of the animals he encouraged can still be experienced at Zumsteins where kangaroos congregate in large numbers to be hand fed by eager visitors. Kookaburras and Currawongs join the family at the picnic tables and the occasional koala or echidna may be seen.
A camping area at Zumsteins has been closed, and signs forbidding feeding of kangaroos have been erected however, the kangaroos cannot read them, and still congregate in the car park for the daily fare they have received since they were 'Joeys'.
Please take care when photographing or approaching them. While they appear tame, they are still wild animals and can inflict serious injury if provoked.
There are toilets and picnic tables, and a walk follows the river to the base of MacKenzie Falls from the old camp-grounds. Zumsteins is on the western side of The Grampians on the Mt. Victory Rd.

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