Coles Mural - Alice Springs

Coles Mural
The Coles Mural on the west wall of the Coles complex seen from Railway Tce.
Coles Mural Map

In 1981 local artists Bob & Kay Kessing were contacted to supervise the painting of a giant mural on the western wall of the then newly completed Coles shopping complex in Railway Terrace. Residents had complained about the vast blank wall and this was considered a way of making it more interesting and attractive. With the ardent help of volunteer townspeople they completed the 80 by 7 metre task over several months. The mural depicted Territory life and history and was a masterpiece of design and style.
The popularity of the mural led to much other work for Bob and Kay, and other works by them can be seen on the Mbantua Store, in Gap Rd., the inside fascia of the Panorama Guth, the interior walls of wards 4 and 5 at the Children's Hospital, and in Gecko's snack bar in the Todd Plaza.
Bob and Kay are in popular demand as artists and signwriters in Alice Springs and live on Ross Highway in the farm area.
Copyright to the coles Mural is held by the Araluen Trust (See Araluen story).

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