Dog Rock (Gnoilya Tmerga) - Railway Tce. - Alice Springs

Dog Rock
Dog Rock is located at the rear of Pinky's Pizza in Railway Tce and has important aboriginal significance.
Dog Rock Map

Just behind Pinky's Pizza (once the main gate to the old railway station), in Railway Terrace, is a chained off rock of significant aboriginal meaning.
The stone is associated with a great white 'Dog Man', who came from the west and wanted to kill the Dog Men at Stuart.
When they saw him the local Gnoilya men sang out ' See, this is your camp, sit down. ' So he sat and remained there, the stone arose to mark the spot.
If the stone is rubbed by the tribal elders, all the camp dogs begin to growl and grow fierce. The last man to rub it was one of the old Inkatas (head men), who did so soon after the white men came, to try and make the dogs bite them.
The legend is engraved into a plaque beside the rock and explains its significance to aboriginals.

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