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The footbridge across the Todd River.
Bread Load
Transporting bread across the footbridge.
Footbridge Map
Until the opening of the Stott Bridge in the late 70s, the only flood access for eastside residents to the main city centre was via a footbridge across the Todd River, opened at the end of March 1957.
At these times a fire engine and ambulance were placed on the east side when flooding was imminent in case of emergency. Necessities like bread and milk were taken across to the supermarket on the east side.
In minor flooding, traffic could negotiate the causeways here, at the golf course, and at Heavitree Gap with care.
I remember on one occasion going to the golf course with water flowing across the golf course causeway and by the time I returned several hours later the level had increased enough to pick up my VW country buggy and take me, and it, down stream 100 metres or so.
Being designed for this type of situation, the motor was running and it had flotation panels on the side. Eventually it touched the bottom and I just straigntened up and continued across the river.
There are now 3 major bridges across the river and access is no longer a problem, it is good however the footbridge remains as a practical and useful reminder of the days when there were none.
When the Todd is in full flood I have seen water to within inches of the walkway platform of the footbridge. I have never seen water over it.

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