There is much to see east of Alice Springs along the Ross Highway to Ross River homestead and camping area.
To see this fascinating area of Central Australia, take the Ross Highway, which turns east from the Stuart Highway just south of Heavitree Gap. After a short drive through the 'Farm Area', you will pass Amoonguna Aboriginal Settlement on your right (permit area only). Amoonguna was established in 1963 to provide accommodation for aboriginals in close proximity to the town. Many of the first residents there lived at the Old Telegraph Station. A few kilometres past here, on the left, is Emily Gap, a popular gap with picnic tables, just 11km. from the Stuart Highway. Another 7 km. further is Jessie Gap, also a popular picnic spot for locals and visitors.
Continue along the highway another 25 km., past the Ringwood Station turn-off, on your right, to Corroboree Rock (Antanangantana), mystic and sacred site for Aranda aboriginals who once stored sacred objects there. The small reserve, with a car parking area has limited facilities.
Return to the Ross Highway and travel another 33 km. to Trephina Gorge. Trephina Gorge is 13 km. north of the road and easily accessible. From near the gorge, another, usually 4 wheel drive, track follows a riverbed to John Hayes' Rockhole and the 'Valley of the Eagles', about 5 km, from the gorge. If you have a vehicle which can gain access to these places you should see them.
The John Hayes' Rockhole, a deep, clear pool in a gorge, with the 'Valley of the Eagles' behind it, is a cool respite on a hot day. Access to the top of the valley wall can be gained by climbing the rock face at the rear of the valley' the views are spectacular. The rockhole was named after the son of William Hayes who bought Undoolya Station in the early 1900's. Trephina Gorge was named after the wife of William Benstead, a miner at Arltunga who later built the original Stuart Arms Hotel in Alice Springs. Facilities at both Trephina Gorge and John Hayes'Rockhole include picnic tables, barbecues and bins. Trephina also has toilets.

Return to the highway and head east towards Ross River. Within a few kilometres you will cross a large river bed, and just beyond that is the turn off to Arltunga, (43 km. See Story- Arltunga Historical Reserve).
From here to Ross River is another 13 km. Just before arriving at the homestead you will notice N'Dhala Gorge away to your right.
Ross River Homestead provides cabin accommodation, a bar, dining room and most facilities. The homestead is 76 km. from Alice Springs - tours and accommodation reservations can be made

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