Robert Bruce 'Bob' Buck - Pastoralist and Bushman

Bob Buck
Bob Buck - Bushman.

Bob's Grave
The grave of Bob Buck in the Alice Springs Memorial cemetery.

Bob Buck was guide to the 1931 expedition which recovered the body of Harold Bell Lasseter who perished in the Petermann Ranges while searching for a fabulously rich reef of gold he claimed to have seen on an earlier trip. This fabled reef is now known as 'Lasseter's Reef' and there have been many unsuccesful expeditions attempting to find it.
He was born in South Australia at Port Augusta in 1880 and came to his uncles' property at Henbury, south of Alice Springs as a young man.
With a partner, Charles Butler, he later began Middleton Ponds Station, now part of Tempe Downs, and when he sold this he bought Orange Creek Station on the Stuart Highway at the Hugh River.
In 1953 he moved to Alice Springs where he died in 1960.

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