Harold Bell Lasseter - Prospector

Harold Bell Lasseter.

Lasseter's Grave
Lasseter's Grave in the Alice Springs Memorial cemetery.

Harold Bell Lasseter perished in the western desert in search of a reef of gold he was convinced existed somewhere west of Ayers Rock.
In the early 1900s Lasseter staggered into a surveyors camp, parched and exhausted, and clutching a bag of gold nuggets and samples, claiming to have found a reef of gold. It has subsequently been sought by several well equipped expeditions but has foiled even the best attempts to locate it from Lasseter's obscure directions.
Some have made money from the fabled reef which has become the subject of several books, among them 'Lasseter's Last Ride' by Ion Idriess which is an excellent read.
Lasseter is buried in the Alice Springs Memorial Cemetery where a headstone in the shape of a prospector will be found just inside the main gate.
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