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    Population: 1,633,900 (30/12/2009).
    South Australia is known as the driest state in the driest continent on earth. but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some of the most beautiful coastline and lakes you will see. For example, the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier is renowned for its deep rich azure colour, while the mighty Murray River wends its serene way for 400km. right through its southern portions. By contrast, the giant salt lakes of Lake Eyre and Gairdner are massive, usually dry, and spectacular in the wildflowers, bird and wildlife which abound there in all seasons and conditions. Lake Eyre is the common venue for attempts at the world land speed record.
    This varied landscape offers many opportunities for a fascinating holiday.
    In the south east of the state you will find lakes and craters, mountains, wineries and forests; along the Riverland, the rich fruit and wine producing areas are a popular place for visitors, and in the far north the 'Outback' and the Simpson Desert offer an ongoing challenge to the 4WD adventurer, and a vista unseen elsewhere.
    Across the Nullabor Desert to the west, the stark treeless landscape contrasts with the spectacular coastline only a few kilometres to the south where the Southern Ocean crashes onto the coast, creating diverse patterns in the rock face and sheltering the whales which come each season to breed in the spacious waters.
    In the mid-north the Flinders Ranges are a spectacular range of red cliffs with numerous walking tracks, gorges and chasms to explore. Behind Adelaide the quaint villages which dot the Adelaide Hills offer many opportunities for browsing antique and craft shops, visiting museums, or picnicking under the shady gum trees in beautiful surroundings.
    The Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa Valley are renownd wine producing areas with interesting little towns and villages each offering its unique atmosphere and lifestyle to the visitor. Victor Harbor has recently become a significant whale watching centre as these norw protected giants return in larger numbers to their traditional breeding grounds.
    Kangaroo island off the Peninsula, is now one of the most famed destinations for visitors to the state and offers pectacular scenery and unique wildlife experiences.
    At the heart of this region is the city of Adelaide. With around one million population it is an ideal size to enjoy the benefits of a big city, while enjoying the cosiness of one not quite so large. To the north and south are the internationally recognised wine regions of the Barossa Valley and Southern Vales, to the west is the Gulf St. Vincent, providing a near continuous beach for 100km., and to the east, the hills and Murray River.


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