Adam Lindsay Gordon's Cottage at Port Macdonnell

Blue Lake at Mt Gambier

The obelisk at Robe

Big Lobster at Kingston SE.

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A tour of South Australia's Southern Ports can be a most rewarding experience for your next holiday. Alluring beaches punctuated by rugged rocky cliff faces shaped by the relentless pounding of the Southern Ocean on the shore; extensive pine forests with inviting rest areas to while away an hour or two amongst their cool shades and refreshing fragrance; amazing limestone formations. and sinkholes deep below the fertile surface, still forming as the surface water drips slowly through the limestone - ever growing, ever-shaping; the living history in the tangible reminders of yesterday, still standing much as the first settlers erected them only 150 or so years ago - the Southern Ports have something foreveryone.
There are many places to visit and enjoy on your tour of the Southern Ports and each offers something different.
is the crossroads to the south east and offers a varied rangeof activities for the more active, or a relaxing atmosphere for those seekingsolitude.
is among the most popular resorts in South Australia and is rich in history and character. On the shore of Guichen Bay it is a crayfish port and offers many fine restaurants and plenty of accommodation.
is another popular seaside resort which offers many facilities as a holiday destination.
Port Macdonnell
is on the coast south of Mt Gambier. It operates as a fishing port and is a popular stopover for travellers between Nelson and Mt Gambier via the coast route.
is a small coastal port just east of Beachport on the road to Millicent.
Cape Jaffa
was the site of a lighthouse which is now on display in Kingston and was replaced by an electronic device which flashes regularly telling mariners they have missed disaster.

Mount Gambier
Mount Gambier is South Australia's second largest city and the 'capital' of the South East.
Famed for its Blue Lake and caves it is a large regional city with many attractions to visit in andaround the city.
While inland from the coast, has its own character and amenities for the tourist. It is a perfect location for touring the Southern Ports, and the wineries of the Coonawarra and Penola.
is an interesting and historic town and was the diocese in which Mother Mary McKillop, Australia's first Catholic saint, lived and worked.
is the large wine producing area near Penola famed for its rich red Terra Rosa soil and many wineries.
Naracoorte is a large town between Keith and Mt Gambier most noted for the World Heritage listed limestone caves just south of the town.

is a pretty town nestled on the side of Lake Albert and a popular town for tired Adelaide residents to sneak away to for a week or a weekend.
The Coorong
Is one of Australia's national treasures. Rich in flora and fauna and with its own unique appeal,it is a peaceful and remote area to spend a few days. It was the location for the filming of 'Storm Boy' with 'Percival' the pelican. Under threat from drought.

is the crossroads to the south east and at the centre of a large grain producing region.
takes its name from its proximity to the Victorian border and is the largest of the towns in the Tatiara district.
Is a major wine producing area between Keith and Naracoorte along the Riddoch Hwy. A small settlement, mainly servicing the vineyards and an historic homestead.