Stately hotel in Riverton

Historic main Street of Terowie

Cockburn Hotel on the NSW border.

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I have called the section from Gawler, right through to the SA/NSW border near Broken Hill, the North East. It basicallyfollows the Barrier Hwy and includes the sparsely vegetated cattle and sheep stations east of thehighway and the wilderness parks north of the Riverland along the New South Wales border.
In the south east corner it includes the towns of Eudynda and Kapunda, historic towns nearer to Adelaide but which don't fit into the surrounding areas which are the Riverland, Southern Flinders Ranges, Barossa Valley and Clare Valley.
To the north lies the vast Outback of South Australia and to the east, New South Wales including Broken Hill a short distanceacross the border.
This region is semi arid with much of it lying above the Goyder Line, a line drawn by Surveyor Goyder above which he recommendedno cropping would be profitable. On the western fringe lie the towns of Peterborough, Orroroo and Jamestown, east of the Flinders Ranges but not really in their zone.
Other towns in the North East include Yunta, Manna hill, Oodla Wirra, Hallett, Mt Bryan, Terowie and Olary, to name a few. A full list with links will be found below.
Terowie is an historical town near the turn-off to Peterborough and some 20km east of Hallett is the boyhood home of Sir HubertWilkins, one of Australia's greatest, but little acknowledged explorers and adventurers.
Most of the small towns along the way have at least a pub, and some only a pub. At Oodla Wirra there is a check point forFruit Fly for vehicles travelling from the east.
This is a remote part of the state and gives a good insight into what you will see in the true Outback without the harsh conditionsthere.
It is an interesting and colourful place and well worth a visit. The Barrier Hwy route to Sydney will take you through the North Eastand is a great alternative way to travel between Adelaide and Sydney.
In the south, Eudunda and Kapunda are regional towns with a history steeped in mining. Close to Adelaide they can be included in atour of the Barossa Valley or seen as a day trip.

  • Pandappa Conservation Park

    Burra Visitor Information Centre
    2 Market Square
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    Phone: (08) 8080 3560