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The Flinders Ranges run parallel to the Gulfs in South Australia beginning in the south near Port Pirie and stretching to a point just south of the Strzelecki Track in the mid north of the state some 300 kilometres north.
The ranges include several national parks and conservation areas including the Mt Remarkable National Park, Flinders Ranges National Park and Gammon Ranges National Park. This section deals with the northern section of the ranges from Quorn in the south to Arkaroola and the Gammon Ranges in the north.

The best known feature of the northern ranges is the Wilpena Pound, a bowl like formation with the Wilpena Resort at its centre. Wilpena Pound is 130km north of Port Augusta and surrounded by gorges, lookouts, caves and canyons.
There is accommodation in most major towns and campsites near most gorges and attractions. Several airstrips exist for those who don't want to do the 500km drive from Adelaide.
Parts of the ranges date back 600 million years and are among the oldest landscapes on earth. Fossil remains from the region show it was once underwater and shellfish, starfish, crabs and worm fossils are found. There is a 20km driving trail from east to west beginning at the Brachina Gorge/Blinman road junction which follows known fossil sites.
Much of the beautiful scenery is similar to that found in Central Australia and the north of Western Australia. Rich red cliff faces, stark gorges and sandy riverbeds which flood occasionally after heavy rains.
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If you are planning to do this adventurous journey you can obtain up to the minute information on conditions from the
Northern Area Road Condition Hotline on 1300 361 033

Information in this section was compiled from personal experience and from the Flinders Ranges & Outback of South Australia Regional Tourist Association excellent Outback publication 'Flinders Ranges and Outback'. P.W.
Further enquiries to P.O. Box 41. Port Augusta, South Australia 5700. Ph:08 8642 2469: Fax: 08 8642 0781.