The 'Antares'

The 'Antares'
Length: 260 feet 3 inches (79.3 metres)
Beam: 38 feet 2 inches (11.6 metres)
Depth: 23 feet 1 inches (7 metres)
Built in 1888 in Glasgow. Scotland
1749 tons iron barque. Wrecked near the Bay of Islands, near Peterborough in 1914. 3 deaths confirmed, probably 20
The Antares sailed for Melbourne from Marseilles in 1914 but never reached its destination. On Dec. 13th. 1914 2 horsemen found a wreck at the base of cliffs west of the Bay of Islands.
It proved to be the 'Antares'.
The wreck lies at 6 metres depth off the sheer cliffs on a rocky bottom.
The only access to the wreck is by a boat.

Information on the 'Antares' was compiled from the book 'Exploring Shipwrecks of Western Victoria', by Peter Ronald. Published by The Osburne Group, Warrnambool, 3280. Victoria.