The 'Children'

The 'Children'
Length: 92 feet (28 metres)
Beam: 25 feet(7.6 metres)
Depth: 16 feet 7 inches (5 metres)
Built in 1825 in Liverpool, England
254 ton barque. Wrecked at Childers Cove,
south east of Warrnambool in 1839.
16 lives lost, 22 survivors.
Wreck located in 1960s.
The 'Children' sailed from Launceston for Adelaide in January 1839 with a cargo of 1500 sheep, 8 bullocks, 7 horses, beef, pork, tobacco, tripe, butter, house bricks from London, and 6 whale boats.
She weathered severe storms for three weeks before finally coming to grief at Childers Cove on the 15th. of January. It was totally destroyed within half an hour.

Information on the 'Children' was compiled from the book 'Exploring Shipwrecks of Western Victoria', by Peter Ronald. Published by The Osburne Group, Warrnambool, 3280. Victoria.