The 'Newfield'

The 'Newfield'
Length: 248 feet 6 inches (75.8 metres)
Beam: 35 feet 6 inches (10.8 metres)
Depth: 21 feet 6 inches (6.6 metres)
Built in 1889 in Dundee, Scotland
1386 ton iron and steel barque. Wrecked near Peterborough, in
1892. The captain and 8 crew perished
The 'Newfield' left Liverpool for Brisbane in June. 1892 with a cargo of rock salt. At midnight on the 28th. August the Cape Otway lighthouse was sighted but Captain Scott wrongly presumed this to be the King Island light and altered course to the north.
Now heading directly for the Victorian coast, it crashed into a reef east of Peterborough at 1.30 am. with all hands lost.
The wreck lies in 6 metres of water east of the 'Crown of Thorns' and nearly outside Newfield Bay.

Information on the 'Newfield' was compiled from the book 'Exploring Shipwrecks of Western Victoria', by Peter Ronald. Published by The Osburne Group, Warrnambool, 3280. Victoria.