King Island delicacies

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The Gourmet Island in Bass Strait

Situated north-west of Tasmania in Bass Strait, King Island is 58 km long and 20 km wide. It has spectacular scenery and, like most of Tasmania, has a relaxed lifestyle. It was named by John Black of the HMS 'Harbinger who sheltered off the island on New Years day 1801 and named it after fellow officer Phillip King the then governor of New South Wales.
Gourmet foods, green pastures, swirling seas and shipwrecks all contribute to the character of King Island at the western end of Bass Strait. At least 70 ships have foundered around the island's 145km coastline, with many of the events recorded in the lighthouse keeper's residence at Currie, the administrative centre. Dairying, cheesemaking, beef production,abattoirs, kelp processing, crayfishing and abalone diving are important industries.
What to see and do:
Currie Museum, King Island Dairy, visit townships of Grassy and Naracoopa, the Cape Wickham lighthouse (1861), diving, fishing, wildlife, including pheasants, platypus, ducks and quail, and the Lavinia Nature Reserve, penguin viewing at Grassy is also popular.