Balyang Sanctuary - Geelong

Birdlife at Balyang Sancturay in Geelong.

The Balyang Sanctuary was established on 9 hectares of mainly swamp-land in 1972. The riverside land was originally bought by Captain Foster Fyans. (1790-1870), Geelong's first Police Magistrate, who built a home ' Ballyang' there. The house was demolished long ago and in the early 1970's work began on transforming the unsightly area into a beautiful sanctuary.
Water for the lake comes from storm-water drains and is supplemented from the river by a series of small cascades and fountains. During construction the lake was deepened and 3 islands were built. Two of these, 'Gum' and 'Cascade' Islands are reached by bridges; the third remains isolated as a breeding area for the many native bird species.
Pelicans. swans, native ducks, geese and egrets can be seen and fed. Parts of the lake remain shallow and waders forage here.
A pleasant picnic spot with toilets and shade trees creates an idyllic spot for a sojourn with nature.
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