The South West   WA  
Population: (Area) 123,000  
Area size: 24,000 sq km.
Lat: Mandurah -34.201184  Long: 116.1000
Location:  Approx 250km south of Perth
Highway: Kwinana Freeway (2)/Old Coast Hwy (1)
Nearest Major Town: Bunbury
Nearest Major Airport: Perth
Touring Area: WA - South West

Panorama over Bunbury

Entrance to Manjimup

Visitor Centre at Augusta

Vineyard near Margaret River

Fabulous surf off the leeuwin coast.

Main towns in the South West.

  • Augusta
  • Bridgetown
  • Bunbury
  • Busselton
  • Donnybrook
  • Dunsborough
  • Karridale
  • Manjimup
  • Margaret River
  • Nannup
  • Pemberton
  • Walpole



  • Augusta Map
  • Bridgetown Map
  • Bunbury Map
  • Busselton Map
  • Dunsborough Map
  • Eagle Bay Map
  • Margaret River
  • Walpole Map
  • Yallingup Map


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    A two hour drive south of Perth will take you to the South West region of Western Australia and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste, Tuart Forest and d'Entrecasteaux National Parks, the wineries of the famed Margaret River region, other parks and reserves, and the popular towns of Bunbury, Manjimup, Walpole and Augusta.
    Australia's South West covers an area from Bunbury and Collie in the north to Augusta and the Indian Ocean in the south, and east to Walpole.
    Spectacular coastal scenery, jarrah and karri forests, interesting villages and coastal ports. and great fishing and golf courses make this a great part of Western Australia to spend a holiday.
    Whales can be seen along the southern coast between May and September and tours operate from several ports along the coast. There is a tree-top walk 40 metres above the Karri and Jarrah forests near Walpole and the surf off Margaret River and the eastern coast attracts surfers from around the world.
    At Bunbury there is a Dolphin Discovery Centre and at Busselton an underwater observatory provides views of life under Geographe Bay. Scuba divers and snorkellers can get even closer to the marine environment with a dive on the HMAS Swan dive wreck.
    Around Walpole eco-cruising around the Nornalup Inlet is among the main attractions of the South East.
    Nominated by Lonely Planet in the world's Top 10 Regions in 2010, the South West has some of the most varied travel experiences in Western Australia.

    Geographe Bay

    In the 1600s Dutch explorers investigated Australia's western and northern coastlines sailing from Dutch East Indonesia in their quest for spices and other tradable commodities. In the early 1800s it was the French who came, sailing along the coast and naming many of the features of Western Australia.
    Geographe Bay, in the south-west, was named in May 1801 by French explorer Nicolas Baudin after his ship, 'Géographe'.
    The bay is a wide, sweeping curve of coastline extending from Cape Naturaliste through Dunsborough and Busselton, to near Bunbury in the north.
    The bay is protected from the rough seas of the Indian Ocean by Cape Naturaliste and is a popular destination for recreational boaters and swimmers. It is too shallow for large ships and required the construction of the two kilometre long Busselton Jetty, (the longest in the southern hemisphere), to create a suitable port for traders.
    The decommissioned RAN frigate HMAS 'Swan' was sunk in the bay off Dunsborough in 1997, to creat an artificial reef and is now a popular dive wreck.
    The area around Cape Naturaliste provides many good surf breaks and there is a vantage point for observing whales near the historic lighthouse. There is plenty of accommodation in the area including resorts and caravan parks and it is a popular visitor destination. Dolphins can be seen at Bunbury.

    The Margaret River Region

    Margaret River is at the centre of a vast touring area with hundreds of wineries, fabulous surf, limestone caves and towering Karri and Jarrah forests. It is a popular destination for locals and other visitors and there is something to see or do all year round. In winter there are pubs with cosy log-fires, whale watching, brisk walks along the beach, horse riding through the bush and plenty of delicious local produce to try. In summer there are extensive beaches and some of the world's best surf beaches.
    See Wineries Map

    The d'Entracasteaux National Park

    d'Entrecasteaux National Park is named after the French Admiral Bruni d'Entrecasteaux who was the first European to sight the area and who named Point d'Entrecasteaux in 1792. It is 315 kilometres south of Perth and stretches 130 km from Black Point in the west to Long Point in the east and extends inland as far as 20 km. with an area of 118,779 Ha. It was declared a park in 1980 and basalt cliffs at Black Point were created by a lava flow some 135 million years ago.
    The park contains a variety of scenery including beaches, sand-dunes, coastal cliffs, coastal heath and pockets of Karri forest. The Warren, Donnelly and Shannon Rivers flow through the park into the waters off-shore, some creating.wetlands, known as the Blackwater, and lakes such as Lake Jasper and Lake Yeagarup within the park boundaries. Sandy Island in Windy Harbour is part of the park and an important nesting site for seabirds, with up to 300,000 breeding pairs of Flesh-footed Shearwaters (Mutton Birds), found there in the breeding season.
    The Yeagarup dune is a mobile 10-kilometre long sand dune found to the west of Lake Jasper and The Bibbulmun Track passes through the park area..
    There is an entry fee and facilities include BBQs, toilets, 4WD tracks, camp sites, disabled access and picnic areas. Rangers regularly patrol the area.

    Places to Visit
    Some well known attractions include
  • 1. Busselton Jetty
  • 2. Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre
  • 3. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
  • 4. Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and Discovery Centre,
  • 5. Caveworks
  • 6. Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree,
  • 7. Diamond Tree and Gloucester Tree.
  • 8. Easter Cave
  • 9. Jewel Cave
  • 10. Kodja Place
  • 11. Mammoth Cave
  • 12. Ngilgi Cave
  • 13. Pemberton Tramway
  • 14. The Big Apple
  • 15. Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk