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Horrocka Pass Monument

Flenders Ranges from Highway 1

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The Flinders Ranges run roughly north-south in South Australia beginning in the south near Port Pirie and stretching to a point just south of the Strzelecki Track in the mid north of the state some 300 kilometres away.
We have divided them into two distinct sections reflecting the different scenery of both and this section deals with the more vegetated and rolling hills of the southern ranges which has several national parks and conservation areas including the Mt Remarkable National Park, Telowie Gorge and the service towns in the area. The North Flinders Ranges deals with the northern section of the ranges from Quorn in the south to Arkaroola and the Gammon Ranges in the north.

The best known feature of the southern ranges is the Mt Remarkable National Park located east of the highway between Port Pirie and Port Augusta. the Telowie Gorge is just north east of Port Pirie.
If you are travelling north or south along Highway 1 between Adelaide and Port Augusta the ranges are clearly visible to the east from around Lake View to Port Augusta. The centre of the southern ranges is Wilmington, reached from the Highway 26km south of Port Augusta via Horrocks Pass. There is also a road through the ranges from Clare which passes through Gladstone, Laura, Melrose and Wilmington.
Coming from the east, leave the Barrier Hwy at Peterborough and pass through Orroroo to Wilmington.

Besides the ranges, the Southern Flinders Region has much more to see and do. At Laura there is a statue and museum dedicated to C.J. Denis, poet and author of 'The Sentimental Bloke'. Denis spent his boyhood in the town.
Port Germein has the longest jetty in South Australia, Port Pirie is one of South Australia's larger towns and a seaport. There is a museum, parks and gardens, a large shopping centre and plenty of accommodation.
Stop and see the ploughman statue beside the road at the entrance to Red Hill, visit the information centre in Peterborough, located in a train carriage in the main street.
There is plenty to see and do in this region which begins only 90 minutes north of Adelaide along the highway. A good idea is to include Port Augusta and the Clare Valley on a round trip. (See Map). Use the town links below or the town search for information on individual towns in the Southern Flinders Ranges area.

For detailed map use the South Flinders Ranges Touring Map link at left.