The impressive memorial clock in the main street

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Exploring the far Western Tiers

Ulverstone and Penguin are two towns on the north coast between Devonport and Burnie, within a short drive of the ferry terminal, and popular touring centres for visitors to the Cradle Country and North West touring areas. We have produced a separate map of these towns and Sheffield because of the number of attractions to be seen.
Ulverstone is the largest of the three towns and straddles the head of the Leven River which, further south, created the Leven Canyon on its journey to the sea.
The town centre is dominated by a War Memorial and Clock at the eastern end of Riebey St, the main shopping precinct. Just north of this monument, in Main Street, is an historical pioneer museum & village which explains the history and development of Ulverstone and has some wonderful displays.

There are several fine beaches including Buttons Beach on the eastern shore and Picnic Point Beach to the west. There is a caravan park, a couple of motels and a large shopping centre.
To the west of Ulverstone is the pretty seaside town of Penguin. The coast road from Ulverstone leads in to penguin through a wonderful display of private gardens along the foreshore and creates a colourful approach to this town on Bass Strait.
On the foreshore a giant penguin sculpture guards the town centre and beach, and there are several interesting buildings to see in the main street. There is a B&B just south of town and other accommodation is listed opposite.

Sheffield is around 50km south east of Ulverstone and on the northern edge of the Western Tiers. The landscape is dominated by Mt Roland which forms a dramatic backdrop to the town. It is known as the 'Town of Murals', a reference to the dozens of paintings on walls all around the town depicting the area and its history. There is a motel, a caravan park, and several galleries to visit.

On the way there you can visit the original Coles Store at Wilmot, Tasmazia and the mini village of Lower Crackpot and the Lake Barrington rowing course.

A round trip south from Penguin or Ulverstone will take you to the Gunns Plains Cave, a wildlife park at Gunns Plains, and the spectacular Leven Canyon near Loongana.
This is a fascinating part of the north coast and well worth spending a day or two to enjoy its many attractions.

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Gunns Plains
Turners Beach

The Big Penguin
Gunns Plains Cave
Sheffield Murals
Ulverstone Pioneer Museum
Coles Store - Wilmot
Lake Barrington
Leven Canyon