Entry to Marakoopa Cave

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Mountains and wildlife along the Western Tiers

The Great Western Tiers is a large section of northern Tasmania stretching west from Launceston through Deloraine and Mole Creek to the Cradle Mountain region. As its name suggests it follows the Great Western Tiers ranges which include some of the state's most interesting and attractive peaks, waterfalls, caves and lakes.
Near Mole Creek are the King Solomon and Marakoopa Caves, the Alum Cliffs State Reserve and the Mole Creek-Karst National Park, any of which, even by themselves, make a trip to this region a must. At Chudleigh you will find the Trowunna Wildlife Park, a lovely park and a great place to see Tasmanian Devils and other native animals. There is also a honey farm at Chudleigh, another in Mole Creek, and the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and Ashgrove Cheesery near Elizabeth Town.

Along the route there are many interesting museums, historic sites and galleries. Among these is Entally House at Hadspen, the White House at Westbury, Bowerbank Mill in Deloraine and the whole town of Longford is classified an historical town. There is a steam museum at Westbury, the Marik Copper Museum and Gallery at Carrick, John Temple's Photographic Gallery at Westbury, a Craft Museum at Deloraine and many others you will pass on your tour.
Good food is one of the specialties of the Western Tiers region and top class bakeries will be found at Longford, Westbury and Deloraine. There are numerous cafes and coffee lounges and the excellent local produce at the Raspberry Farm is unique.
The whole while of your tour you are in sight of the spectacular ranges which form a backdrop for any photograph. South of Deloraine the Quamby Bluff Forest Reserve and Liffey Falls provide a rewarding detour, from Longford a short drive will take you to historic Cressy and from there you can head further south and into the ranges to visit the hydro town of Poatina, perched high above the surrounding plains and offering excellent views.

The Great Western Tiers is another different Tasmania experience and you will find outstanding local produce, picturesque ranges and outcrops, rivers and waterfalls, museums and galleries, a variety of accommodation from motels and caravan parks to B&Bs and backpackers, and many national parks and reserves to add to your photo album.

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Elizabeth Town
Mole Creek

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Chudleigh
Alum Hills State Reserve - Mole Creek
Ashgrove Cheesery - Elizabeth Town
Entally House - Hadspen
King Solomons Cave - Mole Creek
Liffey Falls - Liffey
Marakoopa Cave - Mole Creek