Main street of Horsham.
Taxidermy museum at Murtoa
Draught horse memorial at Nhill
Main street in Jeparit
View from Mt Arapiles near Natimuk


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The Wimmera Region lies mainly north and south of the Western Highway between Horsham and the South Australian Border, approximately 150km east to west. It is bounded on the north side by a line just below the Mallee Hwy and in the south by a line under the the Wimmera Hwy
The Wimmera takes its name from the Wimmera River which rises near the Grampians in the east and flows through the district into Lake Hindmarsh, Victoria's largest lake, but which has seen little water for several years due to a prolonged drought.
Much of the area is semi arid, particularly in the north west where several large wilderness parks are located. In other areas grain cropping is the major industry with sheep and cattle farms dotted throughout.
The principal towns are Horsham, Dimboola, Kaniva, Nhill, Edenhope, Warracknabeal, Hopetoun, Minyip, Murtoa, Rainbow, Jeparit, Birchip and Rupanyup. the largest is Horsham in the east.
Among the main attractions of the area are the Warracknabeal Agricultural Machinery Museum, the Taxidermy Bird Collection at Murtoa, The Little Desert, Wyperfeld National Park, the Nearby Grampians National Park, and Mt Arapiles, just west of Horsham. At Jeparit you can visit Lake Hindmarsh and see memorabilia of Sir Robert Menzies, Australia's longest serving Prime Minister (23 years) who was born in that town. A list of Wimmera attractions will be found from the link below.
Accommodation is available in most major towns with over 20 motels in Horsham, and others at Dimboola, Nhill, Kaniva, Warracknabeal, Rainbow, Edenhope and Charlton.
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The Wimmera is Victoria's largest touring area and has a diversity ranging from the lush mountains of the Grampians near its eastern boundary to the arid Wyperfeld National Park in the north west.
It is a great place for a few days visit or as a stop-over between Adelaide and Melbourne.

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  • Hopetoun
  • Jeparit
  • Kaniva
  • Minyip
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  • Natimuk
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